CBD Keto Diet Oil 1,000mg


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Why Choose CBD Keto Oil?

The Keto diet believes in eating a lot of healthy fats and proteins, while cutting out carbs. At Avid Hemp, we wanted to cater to those of you who adhere to the Keto Diet. Our 1,000mg Keto Diet Oil is the perfect aid to your healthy lifestyle whether you fully practice the Keto Diet or not! Made with only two simple ingredients (MCT coconut oil, and full spectrum hemp extract) Avid Hemp’s 1,000mg Keto Diet Oil helps to encourage the fat burning effects of the Keto Diet. One serving of Avid Hemp’s 1,000mg Keto Diet Oil supplies you with 14 grams of healthy fats and 33mg of full spectrum hemp extract.The MCT oil has many health benefits, as well, including improved brain function, increased stamina, and others–which you can read about here! There are truly unlimited ways to consume your daily dose of Avid Hemp’s 1,000mg Keto Diet Oil, just make sure you don’t turn the heat too high and damage the CBD. Some of our favorite ways to consume it are adding it to coffee in the morning for an extra jolt, adding it to salad dressings or smoothies, or taking the whole tablespoon by itself!
Product Info:
• 475ml Bottle of CBD/MCT Oil
• 34mg CBD per Tablespoon
• Whole Plant Hemp Extract
• Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
• Third Party Lab Tested
• Made in USA
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Whole Plant Hemp Extract.

Avid Hemp Superior CBD

When it comes to quality, Avid Hemp ensures you receive the best quality possible. All of our CBD products go through a trusted, third-party CBD lab test, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your CBD. When you get CBD products from Avid Hemp, your purchase will be pure, free of toxins, and contain the correct amount of CBD as stated on the label.
All of our products contain the highest quality CBD available. No matter what product you buy from Avid Hemp, you can be sure you are getting SUPERIOR CBD.
Before Avid Hemp opened for business, we already had strong relationships with hemp-farming associations in Florida and Colorado. Those relationships mean that we know exactly where our hemp is grown, by whom, and under what conditions.
We only work with growers who share our commitment to sustainable farming and strict quality-control measures. When we promise our customers the highest-quality CBD, we follow through. We know our suppliers well, and about the passion they invest in their craft.
From the hemp that provides our CBD to ingredients that enhance our products’ flavour and aroma, all of our products use superior grown ingredients wherever possible., CBD Keto Diet Oil 1,000mg, 109.99, USD, Avid Hemp, ,


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