What is CBD and Is It Really Good for you?

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It would be an exaggeration to say that CBD is literally everywhere, but not much. Widely hailed as a miracle cure-oil, it’s been evangelically embraced by young and old, yoga bunnies and gym rats, hipsters and hippies – not to mention opportunistic marketers with a liberal attitude to scientific proof, if not false advertising.


As with any new wellness fad, a healthy dose of scepticism is recommended. But just because evidence is predominantly anecdotal doesn’t mean it’s a complete load of old Goop either. We’re intrigued and open-minded about CBD, but we have some questions. Starting with…


What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (can-a-bid-eye-ol) is one of more than 100 chemicals called cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates an array of processes from pain and mood to appetite and sleep. That at least partly explains why CBD is now cropping up everywhere: in vape pens and patches, protein shakes and cocktails, skincare and confectionary. Typically though it’s consumed as an oil or a crystal.


Stone me.

Well, no, actually. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, that other household-name cannabinoid, CBD is not psychoactive – in other words, it won’t get you high.


CBD tends to be derived from hemp, a variety of cannabis that contains less THC than marijuana and is less likely to incur a knock on the door by the narcs. Hemp was legalised in the US at the end of 2018; in the UK, you need a license from the Home Office, which stipulates that you plant it “sensitively”, ie not near schools, and inform the police. Unsurprisingly, the market stateside is growing like a weed and projected to be worth $2.1bn in 2020 – up 700 per cent from 2016.

So CBD is street legal?

Um, sort of. Technically the US Drug Enforcement Agency still classifies CBD as a maximally restricted Schedule 1 substance – “drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse” – even though the World Health Organisation states that CBD has “no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”. But if the plant from whence it came is legal to grow under state law, it’s legit.


Any product making medical claims however should still have gone through the FDA’s approval process, but some senators are lobbying to relax this in the interests of “real economic gains”, which definitely won’t result in an alternative-fact free-for-all.


The UK’s Medical Healthcare Regulatory Agency meanwhile made noises in 2016 about reclassifying CBD products touted as for medical purposes from less stringently policed supplements to strictly tested medicines requiring licences, but those have so far not been granted.


If it doesn’t get you high, what does CBD do?

If you believe the hype, pretty much everything – CBD has even been trumpeted as a cure for cancer. “Which it is not,” clarifies Harvard Medical School, although the National Cancer Institute states, “Cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects.”

“It’s been marketed for helping nearly every organ system,” says Kamel Patel, co-founder of Examine.com, an independent site that runs the rule over research on supplements. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, OCD, PTSD, IBS: whatever ails you, CBD is supposedly good for it.

Is there any, you know, evidence for this panacea’s myriad applications?

Yes, but it’s by no means comprehensive or conclusive. “CBD has mainly been studied for epilepsy, anti-psychosis, and discrete, serious stuff like that,” says Patel. “For general wellness tonic-type stuff, the research is sparse.”


The most compelling evidence is for certain medication-resistant childhood epilepsy syndromes; the US Food and Drug Administration recently approved the use of a drug containing CBD called Epidiolex. But that’s treating specific syndromes that only constitute 5 per cent of epilepsy cases in the US; for alleviating other types of epilepsy, CBD has been shown to be no more effective than a placebo.


That’s not to say it doesn’t work on other types – just that there’s no evidence at present to definitively say it does either.


What proof is there that CBD can improve other conditions?

A study demonstrated that CBD applied topically could reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis, but that was conducted on rats. “More study in humans is needed in this area,” is the verdict from Harvard Med School. Studies (on humans) are underway into CBD’s possible applications for alcohol abuse, drug cravings and PTSD that will hopefully prove more conclusive.Where proof does exist, it’s sometimes for cannabis as a whole, not CBD in isolation. “For example, there’s uncertainty as to whether CBD alone is useful for epilepsy compared to CBD-rich cannabis extracts,” says Patel. Sativex, a lab-produced 50-50 blend of CBD and THC, is approved in the UK for treating multiple sclerosis, but the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which advises NHS doctors, gave it “do not recommend” status, ruling it cost-ineffective.


Why then is seemingly everyone taking CBD?

In the hope that it will improve the conditions listed previously, mainly anxiety. In one study, subjects who dropped CBD before public speaking reported less anxiety than those who popped a placebo. (They didn’t know what they’d taken.) Again though, the evidence, while promising, is very much preliminary.


“Anxiety-related research on CBD is typically either just some neuroimaging or a one-day measurement, rather than a multi-week clinical trial,” says Patel. “But given the relatively low side-effect profile, CBD is appealing to consumers, so companies will line up to sell it.”


Side effects of CBD, you say? Should we worry?

Less publicised and desirable consequences of taking CBD can include fatigue, irritability, nausea (ironically, given that it’s marketed as a treatment) and, er, diarrhoea. CBD can also raise the level of other medications in your system, including blood thinners. You should consult your doctor before taking it at the same time as anything else, or indeed at all.Nobody listens to experts any more. 

How much CBD should we take?

Good question: there are no guidelines on an effective therapeutic dose of CBD for any given condition. And it’s further complicated by the fact that the contents of CBD products can differ dramatically from what’s on the label. “This is a fairly big problem,” says Patel. A study of CBD products sold online in the US found that over half were underdosed or overdosed – mostly under, which is less of a problem than over, but still.


Some also contained THC, unbeknownst to the purchaser. “Which is pretty bad,” adds Patel. In the UK, you can be fairly certain that products sold in the likes of Holland & Barrett adhere to EU regulations (for now at least). On the Wild West of the World Wide Web, less so. The NHS says of cannabis products bought online, “It’s likely most of these products – even those called ‘CBD oils’ – will be illegal to possess or supply.”

If the evidence for CBD is thin, why is everybody going crazy for it?

You mean, aside from the machinations of the wellness-industrial complex and the spread of legalisation which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the vast amount of money that stands to be made? Probably a combination of other factors.


“Cannabis has a long history, stemming from its traditional use in the east,” says Patel. “People in the west started using it recreationally and therapeutically in the sixties, giving it a somewhat negative connotation; CBD removes that negative connotation but maintains the therapeutic aura. The [relative] lack of side effects, and lack of studies disproving efficacy for different indications, give it a bump.”


That’s to say nothing of our desire for – or susceptibility to the promise of – a magic bullet that solves all our problems in a shot, preferably without having to change our lifestyles.


So what’s the bottom line on CBD: good, bad or gimmick?

“Good: you don’t easily build a tolerance to CBD like you do to THC; it has potential for anxiety reduction,” concludes Patel. “Bad: we don’t know who specifically it would work for – for example, its [anxiety-reducing] properties could be in a subset of people, or change over time. Potential bad: people gravitate towards Band-Aids and don’t address core issues in their life or medical history – this just glosses over them.”


By. Jamie Miller



What is CBD Used For?



What is CBD used for?

The industry of CBD and its related products is booming day by day. The plant extract is already added to inhale sprays, toothpicks, and cheeseburgers. It is used in the form of oil and the majority of the people vape this oil. What is CBD used for? More than 60% of its users take it to get relief from the anxiety and pain. There are several other uses of its extract. This plant is harvested to get its extract and oil.

What is CBD used for?

CBD contains medicinal effects; therefore, people use it to address anxiety and get rid of many other health issues. They use it as a natural remedy because allopathic medicines have side effects therefore, the majority of the people use it as an herbal treatment.

The demand for CBD products is at its peak because of several reasons. However, people use this herb for different purposes. But, the primary cause of using its leaves is to treat several mental and physical disorders. These days, everyone needs peace of mind and relaxation, so the use of this product is ideal for treating some ailments because it contains some relaxers and sedating effects on the brain. Some of its more uses are listed below.

Cures anxiety, depression, and tension

These days, people take it to keep their nerves calm and nervous system active for their routine tasks. In the past, people used it to get rid of the pain of wounds and surgery as it creates a partial numbness. So, it decreases the feeling of aches. CBD for pain is highly prevalent in the medical industry because of its natural effects without any drawbacks.

Helps in getting rid of smoking and addiction

What is CBD used for? This is one of the major benefits and uses of the CBD. People who want to get rid of addiction and smoking can take this CBD product because it reduces the body’s internal desire for alcohol. Its extract is highly suitable for quitting smoking. No doubt, a high-quality product comes without impurities. If someone uses the product that comes with chemicals and impurities, then its effects will not be as much more potent as one wants. So, prefer natural and high-quality extract.

What is its safe dose?

CBD oil vaping and its intake in other ways is highly important. Its dose depends on its aim to use. One must consider the treatment in low quantity if he is taking it for pain treatment. So, he must prefer using capsules or powder. Making tea or using it in your drink is a good idea. Some vendors supply pills of CBD for pain. Get relief from pain with a single dose in 10 minutes since it starts effecting in ten minutes.


What is CBD used for? One must have the necessary information about the CBD products and their types. On the other hand, a dependable and genuine seller is the right way to get a high-quality product. For this reason, you have to browse online and shortlist popular CBD suppliers. In this way, you will get your required quality at reasonable rates. A high-quality product gives 100% satisfied results.

Author: Devon Keene

Image: hopkinsmedicine.org

CBD,The New Pill?


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And CBD became aspirin (OTC)

Then the day finally came when cannabidiol (CBD) became aspirin. On the day of my first lecture in English, back in 2008 at the first “official” event to discuss the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids at the International Cannabinoid Research Society – ICRS, Professor Mechoulam took advantage of a “little joke” of mine to start the discussion with the audience with this statement: “Pamplona here is telling me that CBD is the new aspirin, what do you think?” – that was exactly 12 years ago.

Worse than that, it generated controversy, after all, these discussions about the classification of CBD as narcotic or were not just beginning. For a 25-year-old boy starting his scientific career, but already dazzled by the possibilities while working at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, “provoking” the audience and starting such a discussion seemed really cool. Worse than the first to respond was Vincenzo DiMarzo, another “pope” in the area … Since then, a lot of water has passed under this bridge, and the CBD has had practically all possible classifications, depending on the regulatory agency that sees the subject matter. Registered medication, food supplement, “new food” (this is the most fashionable one today), until suddenly the United States Department of Narcotics – DEA, the one who “chased” Cannabis for so long, finally defines that he will no longer consider CBD as a controlled substance. In medical terms, this equates it to being sold freely in the pharmacy as an OTC, literally as an aspirin. Outside the pharmacy the possibilities are even greater.

Pamplona here is telling me that CBD is the new aspirin, what do you think? – that 12 years ago. Now GW has announced that this is exactly what happened with Epidiolex, it became over-the-counter medicine .

This announcement comes in the wake of the ” Hemp Farming Act “, which authorized hemp cultivation nationally in the U.S. in 2018, making hemp a common agricultural commodity, rather than a precursor plant of controlled substance. The CBD reclassification is also in line with the World Health Organization’s position to soon also reclassify it, possibly generating a worldwide wave of “liberation” of the CBD. I probably would have done it already, had it not been for the ghost of “such a pandemic” that you may have heard of. United States, as always, being pioneers and taking the lead. They were the ones who started the wave to suppress, they were the ones who started the “schizophrenic” hemp market and now they are also taking the first steps to institutionally legitimize everything that is already known by A + B, that cannabidiol (CBD) ) has no potential for abuse and is a widely safe substance for human use.

So now, CBD has finally “turned aspirin” like I had played a long time ago. What does that change?

As a medicine, everything changes. Instead of having an XYZ prescription and being prescribed by a doctor, now in practice, it is next to aspirin, paracetamol, antipyretics and other common medicines “that we buy to have at home”. It means that it is considered safe enough to even be recommended by a professional in the pharmacy, or even that you just go there and buy it yourself.

There is still a need to register, so the product development stages remain exactly the same, what changes is the marketing mechanism. But this is a big turning point.

Since it is no longer considered controlled as a medicine, there is also a potential for claims to transform it into a supplement to gain more body and reasoning. But this is still a long story, and apparently the decision is to classify hemp, or products containing CBD as a “new food” rather than a supplement. Here in Brazil the discussion is even longer, with a simple “tea” from any plant generating a huge discussion about product classification at ANVISA depending on its composition, how you pack it, characterize it and sell it. So still far from our reality, but something interesting to keep an eye on.

By the way, in response, GW, the only CBD-based product owner registered as a pharmaceutical product in the world, was very happy with the news … now it will be able to sell it freely, and the sky is the limit.

Are you still “floating” in this Epidiolex chat being the only CBD-based medication registered in the world? Watch the video below to understand what the development of a registered drug is.


Repost permission from: Fabricio Pamplona

Image: Getty Images

Ever Wonder what the Best Dosage for CBD, We’ll Clarify


best (Create new) dosage (Create new) OTC benefits of cbd cbd as medicine cbd for anxiety cbd gummies cbd hemp cbd oil for anxiety cbd oil for pain cbd oil joe rogan cbd vs thc cbd 고르기 does cbd work what is cbd

Whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced user, understanding how CBD works and how to use it can be somewhat confusing, especially since the industry is so new. Every day, we answer dozens of questions from our readers, but one of the most frequently asked by first-time users and experienced users alike is: What’s the best CBD dosage?

While there are tons of articles about the benefits of CBD, there are few about properly dosing CBD. To make things more confusing, unlike with other supplements, The FDA has not created a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD, which means CBD does not have an official serving size.

Because of this, consumers are blindly estimating their dosages based on recommendations from brands and companies they buy their CBD from. Or even worse… friends who are uncertified and claim to be “experts” simply because they use CBD.

“Take one dropper of CBD per day,” is one of the most common dosage recommendations we hear. While this can definitely be a dosage, there’s no way to tell if its the right dosage for the given individual as it doesn’t take into account important factors such as:

1). The concentration of CBD

2). The weight of the individual

3). The individual’s body chemistry

4). The severity of the condition being treated

With that being said, there isn’t a “one size fits all” dosage, and there will be some trial and error while gauging your proper dosage.

Neuroscientist Nick Jikomes over at Leafly, explains that, as our body’s physiology changes, so do the receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which are directly responsible for interactions with CBD. As a result, optimal CBD dosages will shift throughout an individual’s lifetime.

In other words, there isn’t necessarily a universal CBD dosage…

So how much CBD should you take then? Use these 3 simple tips to find out:

How to Choose Your CBD Dosage

1. Estimate your dosage based on your body weight

As with most substances, individuals with more body mass will require more CBD to experience its effects. With that being said, a good rule of thumb to determine your proper CBD dosage is to take 1–6MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individual’s level of pain.

For example, 20MG-33MG would be a great starting dosage for a 200 lb patient, while 15MG-25MG would be best for another who weighs 150 lb.

For reference, use Honest Marijuana’s Simple Dosage Calculator.

2. Start small and increase gradually

Let’s say you have a friend who weighs no more than 150 pounds and takes 50MG of CBD twice per day, which he claims provides all kinds of benefits. Since you guys are approximately the same weight, he recommends the same dosage for yourself.

Here’s why this isn’t the best way to choose your dosage:

Not only are we all made differently, we each have our own unique history with the use of substances, medications, supplements, and other things we put in our body. Because of this, we all have different body chemistry, and this will affect how our body reacts to CBD. As R.R Noall over at Herb puts it, “what works for your friend, may not work for you.”

With that being said, it is important to first determine your initial dosage based on your weight, gauge how your body reacted to that amount of CBD, then increase gradually while continuing to monitor your body’s reactions till you find the perfect dosage that works for your situation.

3. Consult your physician

When in doubt, consult your physician, especially if you have an existing medical condition. While there aren’t a ton of doctors who have experience with CBD, most doctors should have a good idea on how your body will react to CBD and can provide you a professional CBD dosage for your situation.

You’re Now a CBD Dosage Expert…almost…

So, now that you know how much CBD you should take, we face another important question:

How do you accurately measure your CBD dosage?

Think about it:

How much CBD is there in a single puff off your vaporizer, how much CBD is in a dropper from your CBD tincture?

Without understanding how to properly measure your dosage, knowing how much CBD you should take is pretty much pointless. Especially when it comes to all the different ways to consume CBD.

If you’re feeling a little confused, don’t worry.

Let’s shed some light on the situation.

How to Measure Your CBD Tincture Dosage

Using a CBD tincture is one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. Simply fill the dropper, administer the oil under your tongue, then hold it there for 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing.

But, how many drops of CBD oil should you take?

With some simple mathematics, we can easily figure that out.

Being that the dropper is the tool we use to administer a CBD tincture, we need to find out how much CBD is in a single dropper. Once you know this, you can gauge how much CBD you’re taking.

So how do you figure out how much CBD is in a dropper?

Typically a dropper holds 1 ML of liquid. If you know how many milliliters are in a CBD tincture, you can use this simple formula to determine how much CBD is in its dropper:

[Total CBD in Bottle] ÷ [Number of Milliliters in Bottle] = MGs of CBD in a Dropper

For example, let’s say you have a 30ml CBD tincture that has 1500MG of CBD:

1500 ÷ 30 = 50MG of CBD per dropper

Now, if you’re proper dosage of CBD is 25MG, and a single dropper of that 1500MG tincture contains 50MG, you’d simply fill the dropper halfway.

Of course, this method isn’t 100% accurate, but it is more accurate than not measuring at all. Remember, start with a small dosage and gradually increase until you find your perfect dosage.

How to Measure Your CBD Vape Dosage

Vaping CBD can be done using a CBD e-liquid or CBD cartridge system. Both methods are fairly easy and offer an enjoyable experience.

When using an e-liquid to vape CBD, you’d start by estimating how much CBD is in a dropper (just like with a tincture). Once you know this, you know how much CBD you are putting into a single tank. As you vape throughout the day, keep an eye on when you need to refill your tank, and how many times you need to refill your tank.

If your proper dosage of CBD is 25MG, and you are using a 1000MG bottle of CBD e-liquid, a single tank would contain approximately 33.33MG of CBD. That being said, to properly administer your dosage, you would vape a single tank periodically throughout the day.

Again, not 100% accurate; but with regular monitoring, you will be able to quickly gauge your CBD intake.

The Truly Accurate Way to Dose CBD

Since the methods we mentioned so far have only been semi-accurate, you’re probably wondering:

So is there a 100% accurate way to take CBD?

There certainly is. CBD Capsules.

Because CBD capsules are filled with an exact amount of CBD, they provide a truly accurate way to dose CBD. If your optimal CBD dosage is 16MG-25MG, then simply buy a bottle of 20MG or 25MG capsules and you’re good to go. Plus, it doesn’t get easier than taking a capsule.

Other consumption methods that are just as accurate include CBD applicators, CBD edibles, CBD Gummies, and CBD beverages; although they may not be as convenient as capsules.

We hope that our CBD dosage guide was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to engage in the comments section below.

Thanks so much for reading, we truly appreciate you guys!

Repost permission: Aaron Cadena

image: Lindgren Functional Medicine

Will CBD Show on a Drug Test?

CBD, Drug Test, THC


Will CBD show on a drug test?

CBD derived from 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD was initially discovered in 1940. THC also is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychoactive compound which is located in cannabis and is the primary intoxicating compound. CBD does have some psychoactive effects does not give the users the same sensation of ‘high’ as THC which is why researchers are being done to check its potential in treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety as it does not have the same intoxicating properties as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).


The drug test which is done for detecting cannabis is the urine drug test. The urine drug test usually focuses on the following substances:

  • alcohol
  • amphetamines
  • benzodiazepines
  • cocaine
  • cannabis

The drug test targets THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and its metabolites, and if antibodies identify a drug, it will give the signal that the test is positive.

 The THC is fat-soluble, and the body stores it in the fat compartments inside the body. When a person burns or recycles this fat, it slowly releases the THC which was held before, and the kidneys eliminate it and its metabolites. This is also a reason why people unexpectedly test posit; I’ve on a urine drug test.

There are two main types of urine drug tests; the first one is the screening and the second one is the confirmatory tests. The screening tests can be conducted on-site or in a laboratory, and it provides an initial estimate of the presence or absence of the drugs. Three main types are available, and all of them use antibodies to detect the presence of specific drug metabolites. But this can also mean that substances with similar characteristics can also be seen which will result in a false-positive test result.


If we look into the theory, then yes people can fail a drug test because of CBD. This is because many CBD products can also contain trace amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). If you consume one of those products, your drug test may come complimentary.


The CBD products derived from cannabis or hemp contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids which also includes THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Although the product manufacturers may say that they eliminated the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) from their products, this may not be a complete truth. Sometimes the products are not tested by the third-party or are inappropriately labelled which misrepresent the actual THC dose in the works which misleads the consumers. 

People can also receive a false positive on cannabis or THC urine drug test. This can be due to the use of the following drugs:

  • dronabinol
  • Non-steroidal
  •  anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as naproxen, etc.
  • Pantoprazole

If you want to avoid being tested positive for the cannabis or THC urine test, then you should buy CBD from a reliable source which guarantees that the product you are purchasing does not contain TCH (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

References: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/16/style/self-care/cbd-oil-benefits.html#:~:text=CBD%20is%20advertised%20as%20providing,or%20the%20midnight%20pizza%20munchies).

Is Smoking CBD (Flower) the Same as Smoking THC, Here’s the 411



First, Is certainly Smoking CBD Flower Safe and sound?

There are many ways that it is possible to consume CBD, but lots of people prefer to smoke it. Some individuals believe that it really is far better to smoke CBD than to take it in different ways. That way, it is possible to go through the effects faster than you can otherwise.

Effectiveness of Smoking CBD

Just how that you eat CBD plays an enormous role in the period of time it will require to be suffering from it. Once you inhale CBD, it could be absorbed by your system faster. Once you vape or smoke cigarettes it, the cannabinoids get into your lungs directly. This way, they may be absorbed into your bloodstream and get into your circulation. In a matter of three minutes of eating it, it’ll reach its highest focus.

                                         image 100185907 13452092

One study found that you could still detect remains to be of CBD in your body provided that 72 hours after it’s been smoked. Another study viewed volunteers who received gentle capsules that acquired cannabis extract. The capsules acquired 2.5 milligrams of THC with 1.35 milligrams of CBD inside them. This study discovered that when it had been taken orally, you can only identify CBD in the bloodstream so long as six hours after it had been ingested.

Many users just like the notion of taking CBD by way of a vape, pipe, or perhaps a joint. Of course, it is possible to still go on it orally or even work with a tincture or lotion. But there are several great things about smoking CBD that you’ll not manage using other styles of consumption.

Smoking CBD vs. Smoking cigarettes THC

If you are deciding whether to employ a flower saturated in CBD or THC, it might seem about whether it’ll get you high. Nonetheless it can be a bit more complicated than that.

In the 113 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, CBD and THC will be the two most prevalent. Actually, the second most typical cannabinoid in the plant is certainly CBD. Lots of people think of CBD to be “nonpsychoactive.” But this is often a little misleading for a lot of. It really is more accurate to spell it out it as nonintoxicating. In case a substance includes a direct effect on what sort of brain functions, it really is regarded psychoactive, and CBD has this effect.

How CBD and THC Work

Whether you select THC or  CBD, it could connect to your body’s endocannabinoid program (ECS). This can be a system which has a band of cannabinoid receptors around your system. You can get them in your peripheral anxious system, your central anxious system, as well as your immune system.

image 100185907 13488230

Once you take THC, it’ll bind together with your CB1 receptors to cause you to high. CBD, however, has an opposite influence on the CB1 receptors. It acts being an antagonist. This is the main distinction between these cannabinoids. A far more accurate method of describing just how that CBD functions is nonintoxicating. By using it with other substances or alone, it will not cause you to high.

COULD IT BE Safe to Smoke cigarettes CBD Flower?

There’s more research needed on what effective different ways of using CBD are. Nevertheless, plenty of evidence shows that smoking or vaping just CBD might not cause intoxicating effects. If you opt to smoke the  flower, you will need to get pure CBD. Once you smoke, you can find concerns about potential unwanted effects on your lungs.

                                                                            image 100185907 13452186

Smoking any kind of cannabis, even ones saturated in CBD, could cause respiratory issues. One research from 2007 viewed people who had utilized cannabis and smoking cigarettes and reported respiratory complications. The analysis showed that utilizing a vaporizer can help decrease respiratory symptoms if you opt to go the smoking path.

Selecting the most appropriate CBD

One 2017 study discovered that don’t assume all CBD product could be what it says it really is. When testing various items, the researchers found a variety of concentrations. For instance, about 26 percent of the merchandise had less CBD than that which was on the label. That may negate the potential advantages. However, in the event that you get your CBD from the reputable supplier, you’re more prone to get everything you are paying for.

Great things about Smoking CBD

You could be wondering why you might like to smoke CBD and appearance at how it operates in comparison to oral use. Some research show that smoking can help raise the product’s bioavailability. This is the proportion of the element which will enter your circulatory program. If you don’t take a medicine intravenously, the bioavailability will fall.

Smoking may help raise the absorption. Of course, just how that you smoke it has an impact with this. For example, the quantity of the inhalation, the keep period, and the spacing of one’s puffs will all are likely involved.

Once you vape or smoke cigarettes your  CBD flower, the cannabinoids will get into your lungs straight before they’re absorbed into your bloodstream and circulate during your body. You can have the effects almost once you use the flower.

Ingesting CBD

Once you ingest the element,  CBD must very first enter your digestive system. The liver will metabolize it and split it down. Then, it could enter the bloodstream. An activity in the liver may decrease the focus of CBD before it enters your bloodstream. However, once you apply it to your skin layer, CBD is approximately 10 times greater than the permeability of THC.

CBD Gummies GoGreen Hemp CBD Edibles

Smoking CBD Oil

It is possible to infuse  CBD in lots of types of products, like capsules, edibles, and oil. You’ll ingest a tincture, but CBD oils could be inhaled. Additionally you can put it in a vape pen.

Closing Thoughts

More research continues to be needed on what safe it truly is to smoke cigarettes your  CBD flower. However, remember that if you opt to use CBD together with your THC, the CBD might avoid you from obtaining as higher. Some studies claim that smoking your flower might not be best for your respiratory health on the long term. However, you might want to consider vaping instead.

Reference: avidhemp.com


image 100185907 13490649

​Hemp vs. Marijuana Want to Know the Difference, Read On



Hemp vs Marijuana: WHAT’S The Difference

Do you consider that Hemp and Marijuana will be the same? Or are you currently among the individuals out there who’ve pushed to emphasize their major differences? In any event, you aren’t alone. This is probably the most confusing subject matters on the market. To understand the distinction between hemp and miarjuana, you must understand what Cannabis is, taking into consideration commercial hemp and marijuana result from the sub-family of plant life of cannabis. You should also go back ever sold to know that the word marijuana had been non-existent, and that not really until the name came into being, do the confusion and misrepresentation of cannabis started.

Hemp and Marijuana Background

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The annals of hemp dates back thousands of years. Actually, the Cannabis plant is in fact among the world’s oldest cultivated crops, using its origin going completely back to the growth of agriculture itself. Hemp had been among the first plant life to be spun right into a fiber. Proof this goes back 10,000 years from what is now referred to as Taiwan. Around 6000 BC, the Chinese began making use of hemp seed and its own oil for foods and progression to 200 BC saw rope manufactured from hemp commonly used. Because the Chinese were not quite happy with stopping at producing rope and cloth, they created hemp paper. Shortly, the Arabs learned this system as well.

Archeologists believe marijuana’s make use of goes back at the very least 12,000 years, while it began with the area now referred to as Mongolia. However, seeds dating back to to 3000 BC are also within Siberia and Elements of China. The oldest report of marijuana’s medical make use of is reported to be 4000 BC once the plant was useful for its anesthetic attributes. By 1000 BC, cannabis had made its solution to the center East and India, where it had been prized because of its medicinal benefits.

“The Confusion”

Once we experience historical activities happening in america and all over the world today, it is very fitting to acknowledge how hemp and marijuana are usually claiming their invest history once more. They share a standard factor but they will vary. Becuase of these common factor, they’re again offered controversial reputations and shifting legalities. it is very important understand the distinction between hemp vs marijuana and their regards to the Cannabis plant household. Presenting the facts concerning the two and their distinctions can terminate the confusion and problems that presents for users.

The intoxicating attributes or non-intoxicating properties of every plant is important to take into account. Categorizing cannabis as either hemp or marijuana predicated on a single characteristic gifts a skewed portrayal of cannabis which stops users from completely understanding its diversity.

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Consider the taxonomic hierarchy of fruits in the citrus species to provide you with a comparison.

Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Grapefruit are Citrus (Genus) fruits. These citric fruits are all from exactly the same Rutaceae (Family). Despite the fact that they are from exactly the same family and so are all citrus, they’re not similar fruity. Getting all Citrus, lemon and limes are usually sour, oranges are lovely and grapefruits are usually tangy.

The same may be the situation in the classification of the hemp and marijuana plant. Hemp and Marijuana are usually both Cannabis (Genus) plants from exactly the same cannabaceae (family), however they are different. Hemp includes a high CBD articles, while Marijuana typically includes a high THC content.

To categorize Cannabis as either Hemp or Marijuana would be to classify all fruits in the citrus genus as either lovely or sour, without acknowledging the different characteristics of every fruit. The classification of hemp or marijuana absent of a genuine knowledge of cannabis presents an obvious issue of function and contains also led to problems with law enforcement because of the two appearing indistinguishable in one another in most cases. Examining both in even more depth would uncover the truth that the differences between your two tend to be more profound than just the look of them.

One might state that it might have already been better if these words and phrases were non-existent, nevertheless, they do exist and so are deeply rooted inside our society. At this stage, it’s about getting at night misinformation and ignorance, and continue to re-educate society concerning the two.


Key Distinction Between Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are usually varieties of exactly the same plant species, however, they’re very different. To comprehend their difference, examine these factors about them. The look of them, cultivation, composition, and their makes use of.


It is difficult for most people to tell the distinction between hemp vs marijuana after going for a quick glance. But invest the a closer look, it is possible to spot the difference in the looks of the two.

Hemp has thin results in that are concentrated at the very top. They grow high and skinny with some of its branches under its higher portion. Marijuana compared has broad results in. Its buds are usually dense and the plant can be brief and bushy. If compared close to each other, the look of them would obviously set them apart.


Probably the most significant distinctions between hemp and marijuana may be the way they’re cultivated, especially the surroundings. Hemp is grown quite close to one another. So close that the length between them is four inches. It really is stated in large multi-acre plots. With reduced care, normally it takes around 15 weeks to 17 weeks to cultivate completely and is fitted to all climates.

In comparison, a specific climate is necessary for marijuana to cultivate. It needs a humid and comfy atmosphere that’s carefully managed because of its growth to end up being “right”. In the right environment, its growth could be finished in 9 to 13 weeks. Marijuana plant life mature quicker.


The characteristic that defines hemp and marijuana may be the chemical composition included within each plant. Both can generate high levels of CBD (the non-intoxicating substance), nevertheless, THC is created at very different ranges. To be categorized as hemp, the plant cannot contain much more than 0.3% THC by dried out fat, whereas, marijuana can include around 30% THC articles. Their composition can make them what they’re.

Think of the plant life like male and feminine. Hemp getting male and marijuana getting female. Both genders have got testosterone and estrogen within their genetic composition. The distinction in these ranges is what causes someone to grow male features like undesired facial hair or female features like breast tissue development.

In hemp vs marijuana plant life, rather than testosterone or estrogen, their molecular construction depends upon the ratio of  CBD versus THC.

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Hemp and Marijuana each give usages which are exclusive to their composition.

Marijuana includes a high THC articles and gets its reputation because of its psychoactive effect. As a robust psychoactive realtor, THC can straight bind to the receptors in the mind, causing the mind-altering, euphoric effects known as being higher. While marijuana is regarded because of its recreational uses, in addition, it has medicinal uses.

Compared, hemp is harvested to create many crucial assets, including but not limited by: – Industrial products such as for example clothing, paper, and developing material

– Food products such as for example cooking food oil, hemp seed oil, and hemp flour

– Medicinal products such as for example CBD oil tincture, CBD gummies, and CBD topical products

Concluding Hemp Vs. Marijuana

The main topic of Hemp vs Marijuana could be a bit complex and complicated. The intent of the writing would be to explain the difference between your two. Hemp and marijuana are usually both different types fo exactly the same plant, Cannabis Sativa L. But this is the only similarity they will have. They’re entirely different with regards to the look of them, their chemical composition, what sort of atmosphere they are developed in and how individuals use them.

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To Vape or Not To Vape..CBD

Storing Your CBD Gummies, 4 Things You Need to Know

Storing Your CBD Gummies, 4 Things You Need to Know

Edibles are perhaps one of the most popular and fun methods to ingest CBD, or cannabidiol. It’s likely that when you can eat it, it’s been made into a very tasty CBD treat. Actually, probably the most ubiquitous types of CBD edibles are usually CBD gummies. Not merely are nearly all CBD gummies delicious and can be found in a number of eye catching colours and flavours, however they are really convenient and portable. However it’s likely that you won’t be consuming a whole container of gummies in a single sitting. In fact, we’d strongly urge against eating more compared to the recommended amount. Consequently, it’s important to discover ways to correctly store your gummies. Care and storage of one’s CBD bests can prolong their shelf  life and ensure they don’t lose their potency. Continue reading to learn more concerning the four factors that may be inside your CBD gummies:

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Probably the most important things in order to avoid when looking for your perfect CBD space for storage is light. Sunlight (and heat) is incredibly harmful to CBD and will cause the specific CBD articles to degrade. Contact with light may also encourage mold development and premature decay. Optimally, look for a dark place for the gummies to call home and get them to being stored within an opaque vessel.


CBD gummies and wetness do not combine! Your  CBD gummies can last a lot longer without risk for mold or contamination if they’re kept in a dry, humidity free environment. A perfect spot for gummies that’s sufficiently dry and great can be your freezer or refrigerator.



Much like light, oxygen has the capacity to alter the chemical stability of CBD and will even trigger an activity referred to as oxidative stress. Thus, it really is of the most importance to ensure your gummies are usually sealed within an airtight and preferably non transparent container. Exactly like storing your final night’s supper leftovers in a tupperware extends their eatability, maintaining your gummies in a hermetically sealed container will lengthen their shelf daily life!


Temperature Stable

Just as you wish to avoid excessive heat, massive fluctuations in temperature are usually no best for your CBD confections possibly. Optimally, CBD gummies have to rest in an area that’s temperature stable that will allow them to keep their physical state. Intense shifts in temperature can result in physical fluctuations that may alter the flavor and texture of the candies. Gummies specifically have to be left in an awesome place, as in a hot locale their gelatin will begin to break down.

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So where may be the perfect spot to shop your  CBD gummies? In the event that you haven’t guessed by right now…drumroll..your fridge! Great, dry, sealed, and temperature steady, your fridge or freezer may be the ideal place to shop your CBD gummies. Any fridge property is great, but be sure you avoid storage on the entranceway because the constant opening/closing of the area makes foods left there susceptible to temperature swings. 

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The Benefits of a CBD Oil Message



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CBD Massage Oil Guide

The constant hustle of our busy lives often leaves us worn out and stressed. One way to decompress is to get a massage. A massage is just as therapeutic as it is relaxing, and it helps the overall wellness of your mind and body. The art of massage has been practiced for centuries. Over this time to present, people have experienced its many benefits.

As CBD continues to gain popularity, it is being incorporated into almost anything. A massage gives your body a restart and leaves you feeling relaxed and nourished. With CBD now being added to massage oils, you can now experience other benefits of a massage.

A massage and massage oil go “hand in hand”. If you’ve ever experienced a traditional massage, you already know how great you feel during and after your massage. However, having a CBD massage using CBD massage oil, amplifies your experience and benefits.

What is CBD Massage Oil?

Everyday new information about CBD oil is being revealed. CBD oil can be used for various reasons while offering a host of benefits. Using a CBD massage oil has become popular these days. This is because using CBD massage oil renders a different and more beneficial results than that of a regular massage oil and also because CBD is great for all of the various types of massages. Using CBD massage oil is one of the best ways to enhance the health benefits of a massage.

CBD massage oils are massage oils that contain CBD and would be the perfect massage oil for a person looking to transform their massage experience and get the added benefits at the same time.

When looking for CBD massage oils, you will come across three types. Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum or Isolate. A broad-spectrum CBD massage oil will allow you to experience and enjoy all of the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant minus the THC. On the other hand, using a Full Spectrum or Isolate massage oil leaves you to choose whether you want a product with THC or a product that does not have all the other compounds of the hemp plant. GGH’s massage oil is a Broad Spectrum CBD massage oil and all of the ingredients, like CBD, are non-comedogenic. In addition, GoGreen Hemp CBD massage oil is formulated to moisturize the skin without leaving an oily or greasy residue. It includes natural ingredients like olive oil and jojoba oil and the omega fatty acids are present in high concentrations due to the CBD content.


What is a CBD Massage?

A CBD massage is like a regular massage. Your massage therapist would use the technique for that particular massage but would use a CBD massage oil to perform the massage.

When the CBD massage oil is applied, it absorbs into the skin and finds its way to the cannabinoids receptors in the skin cells. Through your skin, the CBD oil also binds to cannabinoids in your peripheral nervous system. This interaction is what produces the stress or pain-relieving effects felt when using CBD oil.

For years, people have used massages as a healing and wellness practice, and incorporating CBD oil in a massage makes for a powerful remedy.

CBD massages may be particularly beneficial for athletes experiencing muscle soreness or recovering from an injury, people who suffer from temporary or chronic pain and those individuals who want relief from general stress and anxiety.

Benefits Of A CBD Massage Oil

As expected, the relaxing effects of CBD massage oil will always be “tooted”. People get massages for many reasons and using a CBD massage oil for a massage offers a wide range of benefits. These benefits are in addition to using a regular massage oil.

Getting a massage using a regular massage oil is a common way to manage various types of pain and relieve stress and anxiety. If a CBD massage oil is used instead, you will find that it is much more effective.

The two most talked about benefits of a CBD massage are stress relief and pain relief. However, “there is more to it than meets the eyes.” When CBD oil is used and massaged into inflamed areas, it reduces pain and swelling, and in the case of immobility, it improves movements. Because CBD is a natural analgesic, it reduced stress symptoms. It has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties that promote relaxation.

You may leave your massage feeling more relaxed than usual because of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Using a CBD massage oil, the discomfort that you normally feel may be less intense than normal.

How CBD Massages Work?

The massage strokes work to relieve our muscles and joints of inflammation and stiffness. As CBD is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it heightens the benefits of the massage as the CBD is absorbed and reaches the painful and inflamed areas, and activates the CB2 receptors. This way it desensitizes pain nerve receptors and relieves pain from the specific targeted areas. Through this “release” interaction with the body, inflammation is reduced and there is an increase in blood flow to the targeted area, resulting in reduced tension in the muscles affected.

In addition to sensory stimulation, a CBD massage can help improve skin conditions and help clear toxins. We are in a constant battle to reduce the harmful effects caused by free radicals and pathogens. The good news is that CBD is an antioxidant with neuroprotective and antibiotic properties that can reverse the effects of toxins. The CBD oil increases melanin content and tyrosinase activity, which results in it being a protective agent against skin stresses. Having CBD massages allow your skin to absorb the magic of CBD, thus resulting in slowing down the skin aging process, clearing dead skin, reducing wrinkles and hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

The least talked about benefits of a CBD massage include how your senses are stimulated, mood enhancement and skin enhancement.

The effects of a CBD massage would not only be felt in your joints and muscles but in your entire body. How or why you may ask. Your entire body feels the effects because CBD stimulates the senses in a unique way. The serotonergic and glutamate receptors which are responsible for anxiety levels and mood are enhanced. A broad-spectrum CBD massage oil like  GoGreen Hemp massage oil has other flavonoids and terpenes that will allow you to experience deep relaxation along with energy boost.

What Makes A Good Massage Oil?

The primary purpose of a massage oil is to lubricate the skin in efforts to reduce friction while performing a massage.

A good  CBD massage oil allows your hand to glide over the body and work the body without friction. However, there are factors to consider, like the type of massage that will be performed with the oil.

A low friction massage such as a Swedish massage is best when heaver oils (olive oil) are used. Heavier oils don’t absorb quickly and are very slippery. Lighter oils (grapeseed oil)are great for high friction massages as they absorb more quickly and provides enough glide without being too slippery or causing irritation.

While certain massage oils work best for their purposes CBD massage oils can be used for just about any message. It is really a matter of formulating the massage oil base for a particular type of massage and adding the CBD. It is important that your CBD massage oil is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog your pores.

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How Much CBD is in the Massage Oil?

There are so many brands today who are misleading consumers just for profit in the CBD industry. They print CBD on their label even if the product only has trace amounts of CBD or none at all, so it is imperative that you review the total concentration of CBD in the oil. This total should be in milligrams (mg).

Lab Results

If a CBD brand has nothing to hide, their entire test results are usually easily accessible on their website. Their products are third party tested by batch to ensure consumer safety and the cannabinoids present. To view our third-party laboratory results click here.

Extraction Method

The quality, purity, and safety of CBD are affected by the extraction method. When it comes to massage oils, the Co2 extraction method is natural and safe as this method involves, using Co2 to separate the CBD from the plant. Avoid massage oils that are synthetic or oils that were extracted using propane, petroleum or butane.

The Base Matters

CBD is simply added into a massage oil base, so we highly recommend consumers to do research on the different types of massage oil bases. At  GoGreen Hemp, we use an all-organic base that uses sunflower oil, safflower oil, and jojoba oil.

Types of CBD Massage Oil

The different types of CBD massage oil can be Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum or Isolate. The type of CBD are in reference to the oil cannabinoid profile

Broad Spectrum – This contains high amounts of CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Full Spectrum – Contain  CBD along with THC (0,3%)

Isolate – Only CBD with no other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Keeping the characteristics of the types of CBD in mind, a Broad Spectrum CBD massage oil is more effective at providing relief and extended benefits and is definitely the better choice for people who want to experience all of the cannabinoids minus THC.

For whatever reasons you feel the need to indulge in a massage, there are different attributes to consider such as how well the oil spreads, its therapeutic benefits, its nourishing and moisturizing properties and how easily it is absorbed. Other factors to consider are its purity and safety. So when you are getting your next massage, ask your therapist questions and inquire about a CBD massage. 

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